Permanent makeup will fade over the course of years. Some sooner than others depending on the amount of UV rays to the pigmented area, application of professional peels containing alpha hydroxy, use of anti-aging skin products, and just the natural breakdown of these iron oxide compounds. Not to worry!! As just anything we do to improve our outward appearance we need to maintain our permanent makeup as well. The lighter the pigment e.g.; blonde eyebrows may need a color boost approximately every year. Darker brows less frequent. We can expect our eyeliner to have less color deterioration due to the fact we protect our eyes with UV glasses, not using harmful products around our eyes and it is usually a darker pigment that we choose to define our eyes.

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Enhancements - Colorboost

Permanent cosmetic application of colorboost.
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Enhancements - Eyelash

Permanent cosmetic application of eyelash enhancements.
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Enhancements - Beautymark

Permanent cosmetic application of a beautymark.
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